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Pump X

Mike O'Hearn Fully Loaded Pre-Workout

(25 Servings)

Boost Muscle Pumps

Generate Unstoppable Energy

Drive Focus

Experience the "Mind/Muscle Connection"


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now the titan crew as the ultimte combination of massive pumps and massive energy all in one product

Pre-workouts have come a long way and gone in a lot of different directions. With PUMP X, Mike O’Hearn delivers to his Titan Crew a powerful combination of Energy and Pump! And let’s be clear on this… this isn’t a PWO with a few things sprinkled in. PUMP X is LOADED to the MAX with key micronutrients to deliver the drive, and the muscle-feelz, that make every workout great.*


PUMP X is the final step in the evolutionary process of Pre-Workouts. Formulated to deliver MORE ENERGY and MORE PUMP than other PWOs out there.

PUMP X is formulated in Mike’s image. People from all over the world have watched O’Hearn in the gym, and for decades now we’ve seen him push insane weights! Squats, deadlifts, bench press, reverse bench press… Lifts with dumbbells, lifts with barbells… Even training abs… Mike brings a level of intensity, mental focus, and drive that has inspired millions.

PUMP X puts that focus, drive, and energy into a great-tasting pre-workout designed for titan-level workouts.

It's not just the energy though. Mike wouldn’t have millions of views on YouTube if his physique looked “normal.” That freakish muscle combined with vascularity and striations, is no doubt an attention grabber. PUMP X helps you reach your muscular potential as you strive for full, head-turning muscles with citrulline and glycerol working their magic inside your body.

PUMP X brings-it with intense energy, and delivers a range of benefits for today’s more versatile athletes.*

Key Benefits

  • Relentless Energy:

    PUMP X contains caffeine anhydrous, guarana and theobromine to help give you the boost of energy you need for your workouts.*

  • Cognitive Function:
    Focus on the task at hand (your training and weightlifting) instead of chit-chatting with your workout pals or looking at your phone – let PUMP X dial you in with 100% clarity and focus.*
  • Muscle Volume:
    Citrulline Malate and Glycerol Monostearate work hand in hand to make your muscles look and perform their best with the goal of increases in muscle strength, size, and power.*