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What is the Farm Boy Deadlift?

May 26, 2021

One of Mona's and I's favorite body parts to train is back so I put together this video talking about a unique deadlift variation that I have created to really help strengthen and build our lower backs.

I call this exercise the Farm Boy Deadlift. You can do these with a regular barbell, a hex trap bar, or some dumbbells.

When doing a Farm Boy Deadlift, you want to focus on lifting with your back and NOT hunching over, pulling, and dragging the bar. You should take your legs out of this and solely focus on moving the lower back.

As with all my exercises, I focus on the motion and the working muscles when doing this one. Check your ego at the door; this is not a powerlifting competition. Use a weight where you can execute the lift properly and safely.

After Farm Boy Deadlifts, I recommend moving on to Bent-Over Barbell Rows. Again, focus on the contraction and using the back; keep your legs out of the lift.

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Your Coach,
Mike "The Titan" O'Hearn

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