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This is what you’ve been doing wrong!

July 28, 2021

Check out this Full Shoulder workout I did with the #TitanCrew. If you’re trying to get bigger shoulders but haven’t had much success, you need to watch this now!

In this workout, we do about 6 exercises. Pay attention to the notes I give the #TitanCrew. This can help you improve your form too.

Demonstrated in this workout:

  • Weighted Shoulder Shrugs
  • Shoulder Press
  • Drop Sets
  • Upright Rows (Wide Grip)
  • Upright Rows (Close Grip)
  • Rear Delt Machine

Watch the full video to hear tips I learned from the legend himself, Robby Robinson!

This workout was fueled by the TITAN SERIES PUMP FORMULA.

Your Coach,
Mike “The Titan” O’Hearn

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